415 Advisors can help you and your tax advisor to reduce or defer taxes in several situations:

Excessive Income Tax/

Under-Depreciated Property

You may be unnecessarily depreciating your commercial or multifamily real estate as if all the improvements are long-term real estate assets. In this case, you can apply a technique known as "cost segregation" and restructure your depreciation schedule so that you take full advantage of IRS-permitted accelerated depreciation deductions.

High Capital Gains Tax on Real Estate

or Business

If you are selling highly appreciated capital assets, such as a real estate, a business, or most types of assets other than publicly-traded securities, you may be able to defer your capital gains tax for 30 years and exit your sale transaction with most of your sales proceeds in cash, which may be invested any way you wish.

Excessive Property Tax/Overassessed Property Value

If your commercial or multifamily real estate has received an excessive assessment for property tax purposes, it may be a good idea to consider a property tax appeal, to reduce your annual property tax cost. This can be accomplished with professional assistance to maximize the likelihood of success, with no fee paid unless you win.