Commercial Property Tax Appeals

Stop taxation without justification,

when your commercial or multifamily property is over-assessed.

Erroneous property tax assessments can be a large and unfair cost imposed on commercial real estate owners.


But you don’t have to accept an erroneous assessment. With a professionally-prepared property tax appeal, you have an excellent chance of obtaining a reduction in your property tax assessment and receiving a refund of overpaid property taxes.

A professional property tax appeal is a no-risk proposition, because you don’t pay unless you win your appeal.

The vast majority of appeals are won and the average tax reduction is 25%.

A professional property tax appeal requires specialized knowledge and expertise to successfully prepare a fact-based appeal. If you have attempted your own appeal, but have not succeeded, consider authorizing our tax appeal specialist as your property tax agent to get the job done.

The filing period for 2019 property tax appeals opened on July 2nd, 2019 and will close either on September 16 or December 2, depending on whether the county assessor intends to mail assessment notices by August 1, 2019.

Click here to look up the appeal filing period for your county.