Webinar: Defer Your Tax & Keep Your Cash

Post-Webinar Q&A

(Questions we did not have time to answer during the webinar)

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How much does a monetized installment sale cost?


Does doing a monetized installment sale affect the end buyer?


Does a monetized installment sale add to the time frame to close a sale?


What are the interest rates on the installment sale payments and the monetization loan?


Do I need to deposit and write checks for 30 years if I use a monetized installment sale?


How do I provide for paying the capital gains tax in 30 years, considering that I might not even be living at that time?


What if the dealer defaults?


Does the installment sale defer all my capital gains tax, including Section 1250 straight-line depreciation recapture?


What if capital gains tax rates go up, and are at a higher rate than today's tax rate, when the 30 years have elapsed?


My heirs get a step-up in tax  basis, for tax purposes, if they inherit my property, eliminating any capital gains tax. What about a monetized installment sale?


I'm not sure if I need to consult with an attorney to do this. What would be the reason for that?


Are there any limitations on what I can do with the money I receive from the transaction? 

Can the money received from the transaction be invested outside the United States?

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