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A solution for your clients who face large capital gains taxes on the sale of:

  • Businesses

  • Real Estate

  • Other Highly Appreciated Capital Assets

How to Defer Capital Gains Tax for 30 Years

And Obtain Cash at Closing Equal to 93.5% of Net Sales Proceeds

Here at 415 Advisors, we specialize in helping sellers of highly appreciated capital assets when they are seeking relief from capital gains taxes, without resorting to 1031 exchanges, deferred sales trusts, opportunity zones, or charitable trust strategies. Each of those strategies have their place, but also come with some potential problems or limitations. None offer both long-term tax deferral and near-complete liquidity to sellers.

We offer a different approach, one that combines these features:

  • Complete deferral of capital gains tax for 30 years;

  • Immediate liquidity at closing, providing the seller cash equivalent to 93.5% of their net sales proceeds.


Our approach has been in use for many years. For example, a variety of public companies have used this strategy, going back as far as 1999, in transaction amounts ranging from $23 million to $1.4 billion.

There is a public record of the IRS approving one of those transactions, detailing the reasons they considered the transaction to be acceptable. Let us know if you want to see that.

So, what is the approach we offer? How does it work? What is its track record? What are the tax and legal considerations involved?

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